Our Story

Let's be honest; finding the perfect gift for a specific occasion can be stressful. We over-analyze whether we "nailed it" or if our selection was an “epic fail.” There are so many occasions and opportunities to send a little something that makes someone feel special, thought of, or celebrated. Our goal is to make that process stress-free for you, and for your recipient to love a perfectly curated gift.

Our inspiration for starting Just For You came from struggling to find a non-food based gift to send to a family member who was fighting breast cancer.  We spent hours looking for a company that creates, bundles and ships gifts, but couldn’t find something that was just right. This is what inspired us to create Just For You.

After thinking and talking about it for two years, we took the leap!  Our goal is to be the best gift box company ever by creating a custom gift-giving experiences and using great brands we all know and love.  To top it off, we add your personalized message in every gift box. 

Our goal is to simplify the gift-giving process from start to finish. We have loved getting messages from our customers expressing their recipient's happiness!  When we started this company, our goal was to send amazing, quality gifts, and now we have quickly realized our goal is much more than that. We are fortunate enough to be able to spread your love and bring a smile to someone's face. Now, that's what makes us really love what we do – Just for You!


Happy Gift Giving,

Nicole Leonard & Becky Kramer